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Author: Joseph Knowles


Madrigal of the Week – Jacques Arcadelt – Il bianco e dolce cigno

Jacques Arcadelt’s ‘Il bianco e dolce cigno’ is a suitable place to start a series such as ‘Madrigal of the Week’. Published in 1539, it is not an early madrigal by any means, but it is (possibly) the first explicit/erotic madrigal in a tradition that would continue for the next century. Using the euphemism of death for orgasm, the speaker of the text compares the swans actual death against his euphemistic one. Although the expression ‘Swansong’ only came into being in the eighteenth century, the legend of the mute swan dates back to antiquity. Silent throughout its life, the mute swan…

Maze showing the distance from the centre.

Mazes in C# and Unity

Recently, I have started reading the book Mazes For Programmers, by Jamis Buck. All the examples in the book are given in Ruby. So I have worked through these, to the point where I made myself some coloured mazes using the example code. See the example picture below. The darker the colour, the further the location is from the centre: However, I think better in C# so I thought I would try re-writing the code. Plus, this makes sure that I really understand the examples. Why not then, do this in Unity, then I could build the maze in 3D…

Start of a new computer, just a 7805 regulator.

Z-80 Homebrew MkII

I need to come up with a good name for this project… Anyhow, after my previous prototype I have decided to built a Z-80 project anew. Basically, the issue with the previous was lack of UART (I built one, had it working, then accidentally blew it up), the different boards and the masses of wires making the computer unstable and legs of my flash ROM getting bent from too much insertion and removal. Therefore, this one will all be on the same board, have custom sockets for expansion and a built in UART. I will also add a ZIF socket…

It's Alive: Z-80 Homebrew

It’s alive! Z-80 Computer hardware now complete.

I have just finished assembling the memory board of my Z-80 homebrew project. All components individually tested, I placed the test program on the ROM, inserted the Z-80 and it worked first time! There is still a little more to do on modifying the I/O board to run the monitor program (which also needs writing) as the board was designed to test the various different circuits. However, the computer successfully executes the following test routine: ;COMPUTER TEST ROUTINE ; ;OUTPUTS ON PORT 0 ANY INPUT ON PORT 0 WHILST CALLING AN EMPTY SUBROUTINE ; ; LD SP,9000H L1: IN A,(00H)…