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Category: C#

Password Checking

My first GitHub repository is out! Inspired by Computerphile’s video on checking your passwords, see here; I forked their sample code to improve the C# implementation (and ignore the python, that I don’t really get along with). Not only have I got my way around GitHub ahead of my next project (Pitch-Class Set Theory Analysis), I’ve also got a secure way of checking passwords! View on GitHub It works as follows: The password is entered as plain textThe password is converted into an SHA1 hashThe first five characters of the hash are sent to the pwned passwords api – a…

Maze showing the distance from the centre.

Mazes in C# and Unity

Recently, I have started reading the book Mazes For Programmers, by Jamis Buck. All the examples in the book are given in Ruby. So I have worked through these, to the point where I made myself some coloured mazes using the example code. See the example picture below. The darker the colour, the further the location is from the centre: However, I think better in C# so I thought I would try re-writing the code. Plus, this makes sure that I really understand the examples. Why not then, do this in Unity, then I could build the maze in 3D…