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Don Carlo Gesualdo

Gesualdo 400th Anniversary Conference

Call for Papers Gesualdo 400th Anniversary Conference Saturday 23rd – Sunday 24th November University of York in affliation with the RMA Celebrating the music of Gesualdo, the 400th Anniversary Conference will combine academic paper sessions with a series of singing workshops and performances throughout the weekend. James Wood will give a keynote speech on his reconstructions of Gesualdo’s second book of Sacrae Cantiones and forensic psychiatrist Dr Ruth McAllister will present an analysis of the murder of Gesualdo’s first wife based on contemporaneous accounts. On the Saturday, I Fagiolini will give a concert of secular music by Gesualdo and his…

SMA TAGS: The Implications of Set-Theory Analysis on the Music of Gesualdo

On the 19th April I will be presenting my paper The Implications of Set-Theory Analysis on the Music of Gesualdo at the Society for Music Analysis Graduate Student Conference in Keele. The abstract for the paper is below. Although the music of Don Carlo Gesualdo, Prince of Venosa (1566 – 1613) was conceived modally, many passages of his music depart from modal rules and others are conceived chromatically. Yet, one aspect that remains constant throughout his compositions is his use of interval structure. Composing using patterns of intervals originating in modal theory and the sixteenth-century understanding of ancient Greek music, Gesualdo…