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Z-80 Homebrew MkII

I need to come up with a good name for this project… Anyhow, after my previous prototype I have decided to built a Z-80 project anew. Basically, the issue with the previous was lack of UART (I built one, had it working, then accidentally blew it up), the different boards and the masses of wires making the computer unstable and legs of my flash ROM getting bent from too much insertion and removal.

Therefore, this one will all be on the same board, have custom sockets for expansion and a built in UART. I will also add a ZIF socket to handle my ROM issues.

Furthermore, I plan to add some paging to the memory, so that I can page the ROM in and out; but this isn’t finalised yet.

All I have done so far is build a power supply to regulate the output from a transformer down to the 5V needed for the CMOS logic, but you need to start somewhere…

Start of a new computer, just a 7805 regulator.
Start of a new computer, just a 7805 regulator.