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Grid Cell Privacy Policy

This page describes how the Grid Cell application uses and stores personal information. This applies both to when the Grid Cell application is used and when the support email is contacted.

Any questions or concerns around this privacy policy can be made by email. The address is

Grid Cell Application

  • The Grid Cell App on all platforms on which it is distributed does not collect any user data.
  • All transactions are handled through the App Store on which Grid Cell was purchased and no personal data is visible to the developer of Grid Cell.
  • Grid Cell does not share any user data with third parties as it does not collect any.

Grid Cell Support

In the event that support is required via the Grid Cell support email, then some user data shall necessarily be required in order to assist the user and resolve any issues with the Grid Cell application. This information shall be provided by the user via the support email. Potentially, this shall include email address, device type and operating system version. This information shall be used solely for the purposes of resolving issues with the Grid Cell application.


This privacy policy was last updated on 21st August 2022. This policy may be updated with future versions of the application.