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Return From Klondyke

Ezra Read’s descriptive Fantasia ‘Return from Klondyke’. It depicts the various stages of the miner’s journey, from striking gold in the Klondike, across the Chilcoot pass, to the town of Dyea (now a ghost town) and then across the sea to home. It’s a sequel to ‘Off to Klondyke’, of which sadly I don’t own a copy. However, I believe it does date to the Gold Rush era, probably c. 1898. I’ve used various clips from three films to accompany the music and as with ‘A Trip to the Moon’ I’ve used Read’s directions from the score to create the ‘intertitles’.

Video Sources:

  • Queen of the Yukon (1940) – Public Domain
  • The Chechahcos (1924) – Public Domain
  • Titanic Disaster – Genuine Footage (1911-1912) – Public Domain